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Alison Wring

AECOM, Director

Alison Wring is a Director of AECOM and heads their Commercial Science/Tech sector for the UK/Ireland.

She has been providing cost advice for UK and globally established clients, such as British Land, Lend Lease, Biomed Realty, Gallileo Labs, Oxford University Developments and Canary Wharf Group in a number of key locations that are either established clusters or emerging ecosystems.

Alison is passionate about scientific community and supporting clients to develop places for organisations to thrive, particularly on health, wellbeing, creativity, technological advances and long term adaptability. Value doesn’t stop at the capital cost of buildings for Alison, she’s equally focussed on helping to drive value from the outset considering the buildings long term impact on the environment, and how the cost of embodied and operational carbon is recognised.

Alison is married with two children and is a very proud young grandmother.