Mentoring Circle has been a refreshing and vibrant experience. Not only empowering the many excellent mentees but connecting a network of women with established careers who can all draw experiences together across the industry. It’s a pleasure to be part of this incredible circle of strong females and support those future leaders.

Rachel Bell - Stride TreglownMentor

Mentoring Circle has been exceptional from the start. From the mentee training session, which was incredibly inspirational, to my new relationship with my mentor. Having a female role model and inspiration in my mentor has been invaluable. Something so brilliant has been created from Mentoring Circle and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Charlotte Cheevers - SavillsMentee

My mentee has listened to all the guest speaker sessions and thinks they are great and interestingly we both picked up the same things from the most recent session and she is now finetuning her personal brand, which is one of her goals from our last session. Our hours fly by and we both really enjoyed it. Mentoring Circle has added something quite significant to both of us.

Suzannah Nichol – Build UKMentor

Mentoring Circle brings together individuals at different career stages in an accepting environment. No wonder the effects are so powerful.

Wendy Teo - ISGMentor

You are making a massive difference for women in construction just by providing a forum where we can all meet.

Su Sharma - SkansaMentor

It has been such a pleasure to take part and been very valuable to my development and confidence. I have learnt a lot about my personal values and realising the importance of working for a business that aligns with these values and provides the platform for me to develop. I look forward to seeing the programme grow and hope to keep in contact with everyone.

Georgina Bonney - JLLMentee

In addition to being paired with an inspirational mentor, the access to a driven, and supporting female network in the Real Estate industry has been brilliant. The safe space that Mentoring Circle has created to network, grow and learn has been second to none.

Sheel Doshi - Turner & TownsendMentee

Mentoring Circle has allowed me to tap into a network of women who are top of their game and understand their thinking; it’s has helped me bounce ideas with these exemplary women which has helped me take steps in directions I would have hesitated. It has given me a chance to show my teams - be the change you want to see.

Gauri Talathi - LamB, FHPMentor

My mentor helped support me through the promotion process in my company, helped refine my management skills, improve my confidence in client meetings and helped me navigate through any other challenges I had.

Raveen Bhamra - SavillsMentee

Interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee?