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Sylvia Opara

Chief People Officer, Phoenix Me

With over 14 years experience in the built environment, Sylvia is a commercially focused Group HR, Strategy and Communications Director with specialist employment law qualifications and experience. She has proven track record in aligning people vision and results with organisational ambitions, profitability and commerical goals. Sylvia provides solutions and support at C-suite level and play’s a vital role in shaping commercial success by adopting a people centric approach to strategic initiatives, and communications innovation with the overall mission and vision of the Group.

In her previous roles, at London Metropolitan University, Cuthberts Solictors and working with SME’s, Sylvia has provided operational and strategic HR support, dealing with complex ER and employment law matters including case management, mediation and tribunal representation.  Improving employer branding and people performance by implementing effective recruitment, talent acquisition and performance management programs in addition to increasing retention by promoting a learning and development culture, leadership, coaching and EDI, are core aspects of her people and organisational strategy. 

Being passionate about social mobility, Sylvia has strong belief in the importance of creating equal opportunities and access to resources for everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background and she advocates for and works towards breaking down barriers that prevent individuals from achieving upward social and economic mobility.  Her personal commitment is to strive towards creating a fairer and more environmentally sustainable society where every individual has the chance to reach their full potential, improve their circumstances and positively contribute to the workforce through hard work and determination.