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Suzanne Pierce

F3 Group, Group Support Director

Suzanne is a Group Support Director for Human Resources and with over 20 years’ of experience in development, business acumen and motivational qualities to provide teams with the capabilities to perform to the highest of standards and add value to organisations.

As a member of F3GROUP’s Executive Board, Suzanne is responsible for all company personnel, management and leadership skills and supporting employees to maximise their potential in their individual roles. Suzanne has a wealth of training qualifications, including Accredited Co-Active Coach, CIPD HRP, Accredited Strengths Deployment Inventory Trainer and ILM Facilitators Development Programme, and delivers high-quality training across the business hierarchy, on a one-to-one and group basis.

Suzanne lives in the North-West of England and growing up there influenced her coaching style. She would describe herself as approachable, down to earth, authentic and direct. Suzanne is always looking for the bright side and learning from life’s journey.  She is an identical twin which gave her an insight into human behaviour. Suzanne and her twin shared the exact same journey for the first 16 years of their life and yet they had a different experience and learnt different lessons, showing that everyone’s journey is unique to them no matter how familiar it sounds. She views it as a privilege to help people achieve their career and personal goals and to help them relish and find joy in their journey.

Suzanne is constantly juggling being a single mum of two teenage boys, being a daughter, sister, friend, managing her home and more.  She runs at a manic pace most days and is doing some self work on that to be more present, it’s a work in progress!

Suzanne has never had a mentor, yet knows people who have and what a difference it can make. Her career guides came in less formal packages yet were appreciated non the less.  Suzanne considers it a privilege to mentor someone; to give them the space to focus on themselves, check in on the direction of travel and to help them get there in the most enjoyable and fastest way.