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Lindy Howard

Deloitte LLP, Director

Lindy leads the London component of Deloitte’s National Development Advisory practice. Her clients include public and private sector landowners, developers, government departments and corporates. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate.  She received her MRICS qualification in 2006 and has over 17 years’ experience in property development consultancy. Her love of architecture, great buildings, and great spaces has inspired her work throughout her career.

Her professional expertise includes the future of town centres, major urban regeneration, and infrastructure funding to support social and economic value. She is an expert on Community Infrastructure Levy and has appeared at Examinations in Public providing evidence at Local Plan and CIL hearings. She is member of the RICS Working Group set up to provide Government with industry guidance on Pillar 3 Infrastructure Levy of the Planning White Paper.

Lindy is the daughter of Lebanese parents. She is trilingual, and has lived around the world including Ghana and the Middle East and this has, in large part, influenced her love for different cultures, and her perspective on the benefits of a truly diverse and inclusive society. She believes that with hard work there should never be an obstacle to opportunity. She is an advocate of woman’s rights and volunteers to support female refugees. She has two beautiful children aged nearly 4 and 2 which she raises with her husband.