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Kate Ives

Countryside Partnerships, Director of Strategic Growth

Kate describes herself as a geographer, town planner, housing practitioner, social impact champion and Londoner.  She lives in Shepherds Bush with her husband and three children. Kate made her life here as an active choice since arriving from Australia in 2005. She takes London personally and this drives her to support London’s growth and prosperity in her work as a housing practitioner. Kate’s work centres around housing delivery but a significant part of that is wider regeneration on major city projects such as Beam Park in Barking and Acton Gardens in Ealing. Kate’s centre of gravity is always pointed to supporting and helping others at a community level and she does that through her active management of the social value impact teams that she runs. Kate’s role sees her working with the public sector to deliver long term regeneration on public land, working in partnership. She holds key relationships with external partners such as Council officers, politicians and lobby groups. Kate also represents Countryside on JV project boards and support good governance practice. Kate often speaks at public events on issues to do with cities, regeneration, housing, joint venture partnering and creation of social impact.