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Ellie Jenkins

Akerlof, Partner

Ellie Jenkins is a Partner at the market-leading consultancy Akerlof, a certified B Corp specialising in providing advice to built environment clients in areas such as Environmental, Social and Governance, Modern Methods of Construction, and Cost. She has a background in sustainability and a strong commitment to delivering better outcomes. Her career path has focussed on helping public and private sector clients balance long-term strategic priorities with practical solutions to maximise and evaluate social, economic, and environmental value.

Ellie has extensive experience in social impact initiatives, community engagement, and stakeholder management. She previously served as the Director of Engagement and Communications at the Construction Innovation Hub, where she contributed to the roll out and implementation of significant sector policies, including the Construction Playbook. She also played a leading role in developing, testing, and engaging with the Government on the Value Toolkit, a practical mechanism for achieving better social, environmental, and economic outcomes for infrastructure investment. Currently, Ellie is working with the Infrastructure Projects Authority, which is part of the Cabinet Office, to embed the Value Toolkit.

Diversity and inclusivity are essential principles for Ellie. She is dedicated to making the property and construction sector more representative of the society it serves. She finds inspiration in the emerging wave of women and minority-owned small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector.

In addition to her professional endeavours, Ellie is a mum of two children, who at aged 10 and 7, already have strong views on equity in the workplace and at homeā€¦.which is quite possibly her proudest achievement. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge in Sustainability Leadership for the Built Environment, further deepening her expertise in this field.