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Anna Keen

How to Mentor

Anna is an accredited psychometric assessor, a trained competency interviewer and Founding Director of Acre Frameworks. Acre are the world’s leading recruitment and search firm for sustainability and purpose-led professions and Frameworks is their in-house learning and Development business. At the core of their offering is a competency framework which was created in partnership with 150 of the leading minds in sustainability and identifies the skills critical for success in driving a purpose-led agenda.  As a development business Frameworks focused on supporting people in the pursuit of self-leadership – increasing their self-awareness, improving their self-management, bolstering their self-motivation, acknowledging their self-efficacy, and growing their self-confidence. Acre Frameworks now supports the continuous recruitment and development of purpose-led professionals in over 30 countries and in over 50 organisations including Amazon, PespiCo, Netflix and CBRE. As well as leading the Frameworks business Anna has recently been promoted to Global Performance Director for Acre.